Carolyn Williams

Business Graduate

Programme attended: Business Administration and Technology (Level 3)

I’ve had plenty of different jobs over the years, but training with Tai Poutini Polytechnic really helped me kick-start Bodytalk, my natural therapy business.

I am a registered nurse, and I’ve also been a musterer, driven a 13 tonne roller and worked with my horses on movies like the Lord of the Rings. But I’ve always been drawn to natural therapy and I started Bodytalk when I decided to make that my focus.

I realised I’d need some business skills so I decided to go back to study and it has been hugely helpful. I’ll admit I was quite nervous to begin with – it was years since I was at school – but I have never felt so looked-after and cared-for in my whole life. There were so many aspects of the course that were relevant to my business, whether through organisation of clients, accounting, tax or design of marketing material. Now I am thinking of going back to learn more.