Matt Belcher

Business Graduate

The sense of achievement and self-worth from completing business studies have kept Tai Poutini Polytechnic graduate Matt Belcher going through some challenging times.

Matt started studying part-time in 2010, while juggling duties as a stay-at-home Dad and part-time work. He was looking for better opportunities and better prospects.

“It made sense for me to be at home with the kids as my wife was working. I decided to study part-time so I had a something else to work towards.”

He varied his study according to other commitments and finished in 2016.

“It’s fairly difficult when you’ve got all these balls in the air but in the end it was a hugely positive experience for me and for my family; I felt a great sense of achievement when I graduated. Our plans have changed a little since I first started studying, but that sense of self-worth has kept me going.”

Matt says the sense of self-belief he got from completing his studies also helped him through a recent health scare.

“When your health is at risk you get a totally different perspective on life. A lot of people study to improve their job prospects and income; the biggest outcome for me has been this strong belief I now have in myself; I know I can take on a new challenge and I know I can do it.”

Matt’s advice to anyone thinking about taking on a programme of study is to bite the bullet and do it – he says you get a lot more out of it than a qualification, it’s about creating a better future for yourself and your family.